With over a decade of experience in hospitality, event management and catering we have a wealth of knowledge to enable us to satisfy the desires of the most discerning clients for their special events on Capri island, whether in private villas, on boats or at group retreats. 

 Living on the island year round means that we have inside knowledge and relationships with local suppliers which provides us with an edge to any event organization on Capri. 

 We have catered for clients in countless stunning island villas and on numerous boats including the second largest sailing boat in Italy and managed events from 10 - 120 persons co-ordinating the catering with our team of professional and trained staff along with every detail from event locations, lighting, tables settings, furniture, floral arrangements, entertainment and even accommodation. 

 We can also tailor design celebratory labels for any of our Michel’angelo products including our wine and extra virgin olive varieties which make both the perfect pre-event teaser (shipped worldwide to guests before they arrive in Capri), or welcome gifts for guests on their Capri arrival and/or served on the big day where every detail matters. 

 We have a portfolio of villa contacts for guest accommodation options, where we can also offer our exclusive catering services; breakfast, lunch, dinner and special events.

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