Dolce Recipes

Capri, like the rest of Italy, has a love of pastries and all things sweet. Some of their recipes have been adapted from those from the mainland to use their abundant supply of the famous island liqueur, limoncello, while others have evolved from the growth of tourism on the island. Regardless of their origins, they’re all deliciously scrumptious.

Select your recipes for the perfect island sweet tooth remedy.

Torta Caprese
Flourless dark chocolate and almond cake
Gluten free; contains nuts; contains eggs.
Torta Caprese al Limone
Flourless lemon, white chocolate and almond cake
Gluten free; contains eggs; contains nuts; contains alcohol.
Crostata di Frutta
Crème filled pastry tart topped with fresh seasonal fruit
Contains eggs.
Limoncello Tiramisu
Limoncello Twist on the classic Tiramisu
Contains eggs; contains alcohol.

Baba al Limoncello
Limoncello Twist on the classic Napolitano alcohol infused sponge
Contains eggs; contains alcohol.
Cocco al Cioccolato
Chocolate topped coconut slice
Contains eggs.
Thin layered flaky pastry filled with Chantilly and chocolate crème
Contains eggs.
Traditional Napolitano Easter Cake
Contains eggs.
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