Faraglioni Pack

Interactive Caprese Cookbook

Since 2015, Michel'angelo have held over 650 classes with beautiful guests from all over the world, from professional chefs to beginners, to great acclaim.

As Michel’angelo remains closed at this testing time in the world, we’re excited to launch our Interactive Caprese Cookbook. We can bring our love of delicious local food, Caprese cooking techniques, family recipes and our passion for our island home into your kitchen, wherever you may be in the world.

How does it work?
Choose any 5 recipes from the categories below and the recipes will be emailed to you upon purchase. In your own time, you can read and test the recipes at home in your kitchen. When you are ready you can schedule a 45 minute live private consultation with Gianluca & Holly in Capri. You may want to use the consultation to get some troubleshooting advice; a step-by-step tutorial; a demonstration of a recipe or discuss secret family shortcuts - the choice is yours. Let us know in advance at how you would like to use the consultation - HERE are some examples.

What does it cost?
5 recipes and a 45 minute live private consultation with Gianluca and Holly costs €45.

You can purchase as many Interactive Caprese Cookbook packages as you like.

What next?
Get cooking! All you need to do is select your 5 recipes and you’re on your way to bring authentic and delicious Caprese cuisine to your kitchen table. A purchase also gives you a 5% discount on the advertised price of any of our Michel’angelo Product packages

Click HERE to purchase your package.


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