We are launching our newsletter during a period of much change for our small family business. We had hoped to tell our exciting news to our guests in person this year but the world had other plans!

Our beloved Michel’angelo restaurant in the heart of Capri is closing after 12 years in business at the end of this 2020 season so that we can pursue our passion project - the Giardino di Capri.

Read more about the Giardino di Capri in our first newsletter and please keep in touch. When the time is right, we hope you will be able to visit Capri and join us at the Giardino di Capri.

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Each month we will share with you our life on the island, family, garden progress, seasonal harvests, recipes, gardening tips, products and new offerings at the Giardino di Capri as they are launched.

We hope you enjoy a little piece of Capri with us no matter where you may be in the world!

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