About Michel’angelo Capri Picnics

Capri is simply a natural island paradise; rugged and dramatic cliff sides, rich green vegetation, mystical grottos, crystal blue and green waters, rocky beaches, coastal forest walks and animals found nowhere else on earth. No wonder this island has drawn so many famous artists, poets and writers over the years; creativity, inspiration and relaxation oozes from Capri’s beauty and tranquillity.

We began to notice that many people were travelling to Capri to appreciate its natural beauty but when they got here, they spent most of their time navigating their way through the winding Capri streets and often exhausted, wandering to find somewhere to sit down and eat. Others have left the island disappointed by tourist traps and large crowds.

We want everyone to love this island as much as we do regardless of whether you ate in our restaurant, join our cooking classes or enjoy our takeaway and so, came the idea of Michel’angelo Capri Picnics. We have personally explored every inch of the island to select some of the most scenic and relaxing places to rest your feet and take in the beauty whilst devouring Michel’angelo’s freshly prepared picnic lunches.

Although we have selected a number of Capri's picturesque locations where you can enjoy your picnic lunch, of course you may choose to enjoy your lunch wherever you so please. We do not advertise "our customised map" locations on our website to ensure they remain less travelled destinations. Some locations have park benches while others are located in parklands. All locations either have, or are within metres, of beautiful sea views.


How it Works

• Select your picnic package by clicking on the packages below
• Order your picnic package online using our simple order form. Picnics orders must be made no later than 24 hours before delivery.
• Tell us your ideal location and we’ll give you a customised map of a location that aligns as close as possible
• We will deliver your picnic pack on your selected pick up day. Delivery on the island is €10 with free delivery for all packs over €50.
• Upload your picnic pics onto Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #howwecapri to join in the fun.

Would you like to use a picnic rug but don’t want to carry it home? No worries, you can hire a picnic rug for €5 plus a refundable €15 deposit (refunded upon return of the items). Alternatively, you can purchase a picnic rug for €20 using our simple order form.

We can cater for picnics of all sizes and we can tailor pre-arranged styled picnics to your preference or you can select one of our fantastic picnic packages below to pick up from the restaurant. If you have a larger group or are interested in styled tailored picnics, please contact us for more information on Picnics can also be enjoyed on a boat ride around the island with delivery available to Marina Grande or Marina Piccola. Delivery can be stated in the special requests area of the booking form.

For quotes and enquiries contact us on +39 347 334 6696 or Email Us.


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