Postcards from Capri

In March 2020, when Italy experienced its first strict COVID lockdown, Michel’angelo began shipping our gourmet food and wine products around the world on a much larger scale than ever before. To accompany each pack, I purchased Capri postcards from the different Tabacchi stores (one of the few stores that was legally able to remain open during the lockdown) and found that while there were many Capri postcards currently available, many portrayed similar imagery.

It was then I had the idea to collate images from my Capri photography collection to share with the world. More practical than a gift card that requires an envelope, the humble postcard can be posted to your loved ones simply as is or included with a special message in any gift package. A postcard from Capri can certainly brighten any island enthusiast until we can welcome you back on the island in person. 

Currently, we’re offering 6 postcards sets, each containing 5 unique photos of the island combining nature, significant sites, the piazza, beach life and Capri local life.

Each postcard is 15cm x 10cm (4” x 6”) with a standard postcard back with address, postage stamp and location of the photograph.

Each set costs €15 (including worldwide shipping).
All 6 sets (30 images) - €75 (1 set free, includes worldwide shipping).

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