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Ristorante Michel’angelo opened in March 2009 by brothers Marco and Gianluca D’Esposito. Their father, Michele D’Esposito, inspired them to open a restaurant where people can go to experience Caprese cuisine and ‘famiglia’ hospitality on the beautiful island of Capri that has been their home for generations. Michele was a chef, carpenter and fisherman on the island who had a zest for life, a warm heart and a contagious smile that always drew people to him. Ristorante Michel’angelo’s food, passion and ambience, as well as the restaurant’s name, ensure the memory of Michele remains alive.

The restaurant is now owned and managed by Gianluca and his Australian wife, Holly, who met in the restaurant in 2013.


Michel’angelo prides itself on its traditional Caprese cuisine which remains permanently on the classic menu. Michel’angelo uses locally sourced and fresh ingredients and fresh pasta is made at the restaurant daily which adds to the very authentic flavours of the dishes.

All the favourites including the signature dishes Ravioli Capresi, Insalate Caprese, Spaghetti Vongole, fresh seafood specialities and the extra tasty dessert, Torta Caprese, are among a range of other dishes that feature on this menu. We are also pleased to offer a range of gluten free options on our classic restaurant menu. Click here to see the Ristorante menu.

Michel’angelo loves to put its own modern touch on the Caprese traditional dishes and each week offers a specials menu for its customers to enjoy. The specials menu may, at any time, contain a combination of unique dishes which are influenced by the local Caprese and Mediterranean flavours that remain the essence of the South.

After attending sommelier courses and travelling the world appreciating the grapes of the regions of Italy and beyond, Gianluca D’Esposito has an experienced palate and an eye for both an affordable yet delightful drop to accompany the restaurant’s cuisine.

He has carefully selected the solely Italian wine list from the regions of Tuscany, Piemonte, Campania, Sicilia and Trentino Alto Adidge, to name a few. Gianluca also has his own label wine from grapes grown in Campania mainland in the Taurasi region including Aglianico (IGT), Taurasi (DOCG), Greco di Tufo (DOCG), Fiano di Avellino (DOCG), Falanghina (IGP) and Rosato.

Stuck for a gift idea - a Michel’angelo gift voucher can be redeemed in the Ristorante, Mozzarella/Gourmet Pizza Bar, Cooking School or for any of our takeaway, Michel'angelo products or catering offerings. Click here for more details.

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